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The First Line Data team has helped mortgage lenders and financing companies with compliance monitoring and verification for years. Whether you need compliance data checks, reports, income or identity verification, employee screening, or other unique services, our experts can help. Have a look at our areas of expertise. Our in-depth company verification reports and background screening service checks pull the most current information available from all the relevant sources to make your due diligence and third-party approval decisions much easier and cost-effective. 

TPO Approval and Recertification

First Line Data can assist with TPO approval and recertification. Our compliance monitoring software provides the reliable data you need. Our information can help closing process problems.

Counterparty Oversight

Our advanced reporting systems can make counterparty oversight more efficient and accurate. We organize information in a great interface, so you can find the data you need easily.

Settlement Agent Wire Fraud Prevention

We assist companies by providing thorough company verification reports and background screening services for settlement agents, attorneys, closing agents, and companies. Call today to get started.

Loan Officer Screening

Reporting systems from First Line Data can make loan officer and employee screenings more efficient. Get detailed loan officer and company verification reports in one  place.

Vendor Management

Information systems from First Line Data make vendor approval easy. Our reporting system organizes all information you need to make a decision.

Warehouse Line Approvals

You can monitor warehouse credit line applicants in a quicker and more accurate way with First Line Data’s interface. 

20 Years of Verification

Your business runs on accurate data and we understand the timelines you promise. Count on First Line Data to help you deliver timely, dependable information.

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IRS Direct Verify (4506-T)

IRS Direct Verify (4506-T): We provide tracking and management of IRS income verification. Our accurate information comes in an accessible document that improves verification efficiency.


SSA Direct-Verify (SSA-89)

First Line Data provides social security verification for loan applications. We use a direct channel with the Social Security Administration to provide accurate information quickly.

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