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IRS Direct-Verify helps you streamline the 4506-T verification process.

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First Line Data provides experienced management and tracking services for IRS income verification.

An IRS direct verify (4506-T) is one of the most efficient ways of income verification to check the income of a borrower.

With First Line Data’s IRS income verification experts, loan application processing goes quickly and smoothly. First Line Data’s Income verification team specializes in making this process accurate, unbiased, and as fast as possible during every situation. The online tracking interface we use is easy to access and presents information in a clear way. Our services make the IRS direct verify process streamlined and accessible, helping lenders make informed decisions quickly.

First Line Data’s IRS income verification reporting system is a valuable tool for mortgage lenders and others in the financing industry. The online tracking system is available 24/7, with accurate and easy to understand information. All tax transcripts are available quickly in an electronic PDF format. Our IRS tax form transcripts include, 1120, 1120S, 1065, W-2, and 1099. Information is provided by professional income verification specialists, who deliver objective data. Our income verification reporting system and experienced team work together to make income verification easy for you. Contact our team for more information about our IRS income verification for loan applications today. We will be happy to answer questions about our interface or IRS direct verify (4506-T).

We make income verification with the IRS and fast and efficient.

If you need help with Income Verification using 4506-T, IRS Tax Returns, or loan applications, trust First Line Data to lend a helping hand! Results are delivered electronically and tracking the status of all requests is provided through our simple interface. In addition to form 1040, we offer IRS tax transcripts associated with the following IRS tax forms: 1120, 11205, 1065, W-2, and 1099.


  • 24/7 online status and tracking of requests
  • Upload Available
  • Optional batch upload


  • Easy and convenient user interface
  • Impartial and objective research by income verification experts
  • Fast and reliable delivery of tax transcripts in PDF format

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wire fraud prevention

vendor screening

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