Closing the Gaps that Contribute to Wire Fraud

Screening settlement agents, verifying closing agents, and background checking title companies

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First Line Data can protect you from wire fraud and give you peace of mind during future mortgage or loan processes.

Our escrow, title company and attorney background check reports cover 5 major areas of Verification Data, and can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

The closing process of a mortgage or loan is the most common time for fraud. Wire fraud is a serious concern for lenders, with devastating effects if it goes unnoticed. In order to prevent problems during the closing process of a loan, it is important to know and trust settlement agents. Settlement agent screening and verification of closing agents, attorneys, and title companies is vital for secure business operations. These measures can protect you from wire fraud and give you peace of mind during future mortgage or loan processes.

First Line Data has years of experience helping lenders with wire fraud prevention, providing settlement agent screening and verification that you can trust. Our expert team is careful and thorough during the entire screening and verification process. We make sure every settlement agent is reliable to work with. Title companies and attorneys are also vetted by qualified professionals. We do not make you look through large amounts of verification data. Our reports make things simple. We present you with useful and easy to understand information, so you can save time on decision making. Trust First Line Data to help prevent wire fraud for your company with settlement agent screening and verification. Give us a call today to get started on securing your loan processes. 

ReportScore™ provides you with a numerical risk assessment value between 200 and 965 with indications of low, moderate, or high risk.


A result of “VERIFIED” indicates that information provided on the broker was substantiated and that search results were clear.


A result of “ALERT!” indicates that the verification produced a discrepancy or derogatory information.


loan officer screening

counterparty oversight

vendor screening

warehouse line approvals

tpo approvals/recertification


Settlement Agent Verification Coverage Areas With Actionable Results

Lenders across the United States rely on attorneys, escrow companies and title companies to provide essential settlement services. Validating the trustworthiness of these settlement agents with verification and background checks can be an essential component of your fraud prevention practices. Be sure these essential partners are the right fit for your business.

Clear, actionable presentation of results

Impartial and objective research by verification experts

Excellent due diligence documentation

No missing or ambiguous data

Flagging of application discrepancies and derogatory findings

Repeatable, auditable format for all compliance needs

“Alert-Summary” provides a glance of any derogatory findings

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