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When you work in the mortgage industry, it is vital to

have compliance and risk mitigation information organized and accessible.

The TPO approval and recertification process requires an accurate and detailed compliance monitoring system.

Thorough company checks can make a significant difference during this process. First Line Data’s compliance monitoring system is designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of information, making the TPO approval and recertification process easier.

First Line Data’s reporting systems are customizable, with a variety of different features than can help lenders meet all their data compliance needs. Our team has years of experience working with the requirements of different companies. We use our financing industry expertise to create our advanced data compliance reports. First Line Data will identify specific data compliance requirements for each financing company we work with. Company check reports will compare company information to these specific requirements. Our reporting interface is clear and precise, presenting data in an effective manner. We work with our clients to ensure that they get the information they want in the way that helps them the most. Compliance monitoring software can allow you to focus on other things, freeing up time and helping businesses run efficiently. TPO approval and recertification has never been easier. Contact us today if you have any questions. 


ReportScore™ provides you with a numerical risk assessment value between 200 and 965 with indications of low, moderate, or high risk.


A result of “VERIFIED” indicates that information provided on the broker was substantiated and that search results were clear.


A result of “ALERT!” indicates that the verification produced a discrepancy or derogatory information.


loan officer screening

wire fraud prevention

vendor screening

counterparty oversight

warehouse line approvals


Wholesale lenders choose The Broker Insight Report for the fast and thorough information needed for growth of loan originations and fraud prevention.

First Line Data’s Broker Insight Report is a wholesale lending tool like no other.  The Broker Insight report contains all the relevant business and mortgage related verifications and sanction searches required to make swift approval decisions on TPOs without sacrificing quality and due diligence.  Once the broker has been approved, you may choose from several different options for scheduling or ordering a recertification by company or batch at any specified time interval. Ongoing sanction monitoring of the TPO is also available. 

Clear, actionable presentation of results

Impartial and objective research by verification experts

Excellent due diligence documentation

No missing or ambiguous data

Flagging of application discrepancies and derogatory findings

Repeatable, auditable format for all compliance needs

“Alert-Summary” provides a glance of any derogatory findings

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