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A warehouse line of credit is used by a mortgage company to pay for a mortgage loan after a loan application has been made.

The funding comes from an investing institution or financing company and can allow mortgage companies to provide more loans and creates a variety of other benefits.

Warehouse lines are a great resource for financing companies, however; approval is often a difficult process. There is risk involved in this credit method. Warehouse lines of credit often come with a variety of different fraud concerns. False documentation and collateral problems can present serious issues for financing companies. First Line Data has advanced solutions to make lender verification and approval for warehouse line of credit easier. 

Our unique reporting systems present lender verification data for warehouse line of credit in an efficient way. First Line Data specializes in saving lenders time on the decision process. Important information can be reviewed quickly and is accessible at all times.

ReportScore™ provides you with a numerical risk assessment value between 200 and 965 with indications of low, moderate, or high risk.


A result of “VERIFIED” indicates that information provided on the broker was substantiated and that search results were clear.


A result of “ALERT!” indicates that the verification produced a discrepancy or derogatory information.


loan officer screening

wire fraud prevention

vendor screening

counterparty oversight

tpo approvals/recertification


Mitigating risk prior to

issuing or renewing a warehouse line of credit

requires the Warehouse Line Insight Report

If you are considering issuing a warehouse line of credit to a mortgage banker, nothing should be taken for granted. First Line Data can ensure everything goes smoothly with our lender verification system for warehouse line of credit.

The Warehouse Line Insight Report from First Line Data, adds a deeper level of searches and includes the status/standing of the lender’s existing lines of credit as well as UCC filings and much more.

The Warehouse Line Insight Report is unmatched in meaningful decision-making content delivered to you in a quick timeframe.

Clear, actionable presentation of results

Impartial and objective research by verification experts

Excellent due diligence documentation

No missing or ambiguous data

Flagging of application discrepancies and derogatory findings

Repeatable, auditable format for all compliance needs

“Alert-Summary” provides a glance of any derogatory findings

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