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Counterparty oversight is often one of the most difficult aspects of compliance monitoring.

Data collection and organization can be time consuming and mistakes can happen.

It can also be difficult to compare data from many different sources efficiently. Counterparty oversight regulations and compliance rules are complicated and they can often change. First Line Data’s financial and counterparty risk advisory service can greatly improve counterparty oversight for your company, giving you organized data that you can fully understand and trust.

We know how important efficient and accurate data records are for lenders. Our reporting systems are designed to improve the efficiency of counterparty oversight for each company we work with. We put our experience in the financing industry to work for you with our financial and counterparty risk advisory service.

ReportScore™ provides you with a numerical risk assessment value between 200 and 965 with indications of low, moderate, or high risk.


A result of “VERIFIED” indicates that information provided on the broker was substantiated and that search results were clear.


A result of “ALERT!” indicates that the verification produced a discrepancy or derogatory information.


loan officer screening

wire fraud prevention

vendor screening

warehouse line approvals

tpo approvals/recertification

Before putting your trust into a correspondent lender, use First Line Data’s Correspondent Insight Report as a tool to mitigate your risk.

First Line Data’s Correspondent Insight Report was built to include all of the searches and verifications you need on the company and its officers to make an intelligent approval decision. 

First Line Data’s ongoing recertification and monitoring helps you easily maintain regulatory compliance and keep your valuable resources focused on the business of growing your lending channels.

Clear, actionable presentation of results

Impartial and objective research by verification experts

Excellent due diligence documentation

No missing or ambiguous data

Flagging of application discrepancies and derogatory findings

Repeatable, auditable format for all compliance needs

“Alert-Summary” provides a glance of any derogatory findings

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