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Loan Officer License Checks and Mortgage Employee Screening Reports allow you to staff your business with people you trust

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It is important to know the reliability and background of the loan officers and employees that your financing company is working with.

Financing regulations require pre-hire screening checks for loan officers and other lender operation employees.

In addition, more screenings must be completed on an annual basis in order to comply with regulatory requirements. This process can unfortunately be stressful and time consuming for lenders. Sometimes, mistakes can be made during the screening process. First Line Data is here to make employee and officer screening more efficient and accurate, with our loan officer license check and mortgage broker screening service.

Our expert team provides loan officer license check and mortgage broker screening services for title companies and attorneys. First Line Data’s professionalism, customized reports, and research experience sets us apart from other screening companies. Clear data and verification expertise can make a difference for a company. Our experts know what to look for and what data you need to see. Our reports clearly present everything you need to know to make a decision. First Line Data’s services are designed to save you time and help you meet regulatory requirements with ease. You can trust us for the best company verification reports and employee background checks. Contact us for more information today.

Make Hiring Decisions with Confidence. Loan Officer License Checks and Mortgage Broker Screening Reports allow you to staff your business with people you trust

Screening the individuals responsible for originating loans as well as other mortgage employees in your organization is a critical component to your overall quality control and loan production. Our industry-best reports check your loan officer’s license and other compliance requirements against industry sanctions, criminal records and other lists.

We also offer an annual monitoring report that allows our clients to re-run all of the verifications and searches. This lets us ensure that your Loan Officer’s license checks out and that they are remaining compliant with all other mortgage broker screening conditions.

counterparty oversight

settlement agents

vendor screening

warehouse line approvals

tpo approvals/ recertification

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